Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bake the Menu - Video Blog

September 2011

Early in a start up business you need to decide what to deliver to your customers and the most cost effective way to do that. This decision making process is crucial and must take into account, consistency of delivery, quality and pricing to name but a few. I will deliver a high quality product in a comfortable and classically vintage tea room.

There are three excellent reasons to 'Bake the Menu'. Firstly for quality control; to ensure that menu items are of the best quality and recipes can be tweaked where necessary. Sadly this also means that i'll have to eat the menu too. Secondly I need to work out the exact costings of each menu item, to set a fair price and identify the cost of sale for each menu item. The third reason to 'Bake the Menu' is so that I can keep a video log to update the website with all the mouth watering and delicious home baking that my tea room will serve.

My rules for this film series are simple and I will guarantee you the following:
  • Films will be kept short and snappy
  • I'll highlight our favourite tips
  • Everything is 100% home made where practical 
  • We always wash our hands!
  • Recipes are available on request, unless they're family secrets
In return:
  • If you have something to say, post it on the blog or subscribe to my Channel on Youtube
  • If you have some of your own top tips, then let us know
  • Get involved & be inspired
Without further ado I bring you Volume One...

I Want to Bake Free on


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