Sunday, 25 July 2010

Somewhere in the Middle - Part One

The Dramatic Arc

Like all stories you have an introduction, conflict and resolution. This is a simple story being written in real time. Today is the introduction, to come is the conflict and fingers crossed for the rest...

For my sanity and yours, here are some intro facts; last time I wrote any kind of story was over 12 years ago, I have done no research into writing methods. This will be spell checked, read once then published so if you spot any SPAG errors turn your rage inwards and keep it. For my part I will keep to short sharp points (where possible) to keep it brief and punchy, with at least weekly updates. This is an open forum so comment away I won't edit you if you don't edit me!

Well back to basics, introduction.

Working Life
My name is David, at this moment I work in Sales for a four star International Hotel chain. This decade I cultivated approximately £30K of debt split evenly between the Student Loans company and various high street bankers in the pursuit of a degree. In completing my wonderfully expensive degree I worked in a Cardiff hotel moving steadily then quickly through the business to where I am now working for head office. Tough work during a recession, but rewarding in a lot of ways. The debt is gone, my name is known in the industry and by boss is generally pleased. However and here it comes, I have an amazing life outside when you take the work part out, this isn't a forum for that, but it kicks off my new story. The work life scales tip both ways, currently they are out of kilter, but I know the old saying work hard play hard. So keep your head down, bring in the cash, and push on with the career.

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