Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Tea Room is Brewing

Introducing '_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Tea Rooms'

Bute Park is in amazing hands

You may say that I am biased as I am soon to directly benefit from the restoration of this stunning historic park land with the chance to turn my dream into a living reality. I hope that if you have gleaned anything from this blog it is that I am honest and open.

I have found all those connected with Bute Park, both working there daily and assisting in the careful and considered restoration, to be professional, passionate, intelligent, considered, leaders and doers. You will not find people more concerned with the welfare of the park itself, for the benefit of the users now and for those of the future. This is not some faceless bureaucracy, but a live and exciting family who have gone over and above their work remit donating hours upon hours of their own time to breathe life into community projects they help create and believe in.

If you have been to the Park recently hopefully you will have experienced this yourself too, if not Spring is a perfect time to visit and you should definitely go and see the new Education Centre!

I turned to this family for inspiration for a name to bestow on this new use for an historic building opening its doors for the first time to the public. My own ideas along with those from the custodians of the Park have been at the forefront of my mind for weeks.

Giving Birth

I have heard that deciding a name for your child can be difficult.
Do you wait until after the birth, look at your child, live with it, try and understand its personality?
Do you even know someone who was born without a name?

I believe that the greatest compliment for naming may be to inherit a family name or to bestow a title upon the next generation that has great personal resonance. With this in mind a wonderful name soon came to mind along with a superb opportunity to inform and educate today's park visitors about its history.

The Pettigrew Family

Many people know the Title of 'Marquess of Bute' and many people know the famous architect of Cardiff Castle, William Burges, but arguably less popularly well known for his contribution to Bute Park is Mr Andrew Pettigrew.

Andrew Pettigrew and his three sons William Wallace (‘WW'), Hugh and Andrew Alexander (‘AA') all contributed to a legacy of public owned gardens and parkland in Cardiff that is second to none in the UK.

Andrew Pettigrew (1833-1903) was Head Gardener to the Marquess of Bute at Cardiff Castle between 1873 and 1903. Originally from Ayrshire, he and his family moved to Cardiff from Dumfries House in Ayr, another Bute property, to work with the Third Marquess of Bute and William Burges on the layout of the Castle Grounds at Cardiff (re-named Bute Park in 1947 when it was gifted to the city along with the Castle and Sophia Gardens by the fifth Marquess of Bute).

The Marquess, who also came from Scotland, made all his money by sending coal and iron from the South Wales Valleys all around the world. What we now know as Cardiff was then a collection of small villages before the Marquess created a busy port, where hundreds of ships sailed every day. Cardiff became the largest coal exporting port in the world.

Many people came to live in Cardiff and it soon became a large city, but many of them lived in crowded houses with poor facilities and no gardens or space to relax and play in. The city needed parks and gardens.

So the Marquess and other Cardiff landowners gave land to the people of the city, so that they could have pleasant places to walk, to sit and listen to bands playing, to play or to watch sport such as bowls and cricket.

Introducing 'Pettigrew Tea Rooms'

In homage to his superb work in developing Bute Park into the recognisable space that thousands of visitors enjoy today, I feel it is appropriate to commemorate Mr Andrew Pettigrew's work by naming this business 'Pettigrew Tea Rooms'. I am passionate about sharing the history of this man, his family and the lasting legacy of their work with new and future generations visiting Bute Park and Arboretum.

Now for your say...

I have maintained from the start of this project that you would be involved. I value your thoughts and opinions. So now I turn over to you lovely people one of the biggest decisions I face. This is a traditional Tea Rooms and the Logo will be in pride of place on the menus, website and throughout. Please make your choice wisely.

Option a.)
Option B.)
Option C.)

Place Your Vote...
<a href="" title="Which is your favourite Pettigrew Tea Rooms Logo?">Which is your favourite Pettigrew Tea Rooms Logo?</a>

P.s. constructive criticism is great and always welcome, but if you don't have anything nice to say, then come and sit next to me.

Pettigrew Tea Rooms - Bi-Lingual Website Under Construction Coming Soon

Thank you. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and maybe maybe maybe a competition some time soon...



  1. Love the green and cream colours.

    I am such a Harry Potter nerd so my first reaction to the name was negative, but on looking at the logo and sounding it out in my head I like it! Congrats! Cannot wait to come and sample your wares. xx

    1. Thanks Nelly, I know what you mean and my first Pettigrew association was Peter. I think Andrew is a far far better namesake though :o) x

  2. Love the name, and the signage - glad things are moving along for you finally and sorry I haven't been about baking on twitter recently - a new obsession at the moment.

  3. I love Option B, makes me think of an old ice-cream store or an old sweet shop. And love the name idea, gives it a legacy :) xx

  4. Particularly like the font/hand you've used - decorative but readable :D

  5. B - It's so classy. Like you.... x

  6. C is lovely! Am viewing on my mobile but the vote function isn't loading... Please add my vote for C!

  7. I love the name, I really like the blue and cream, but I'm sure whatever is picked it will be beautiful :) x (Laura minns)

  8. I like option b. There's a shop where I live which has a similar colour scheme to option c, but you can't read it from far away. It looks fantastic and the colours are great, but it's illegible! Therefore, whilst I really like those colours, I can't vote for that sign! You want something that can be read far away and that stands out and shouts 'this is me!'. You also want something that you like now and won't get bored with in a few years' time as rebranding can be costly! It's not a term I like, but you have to like your 'corporate colours' and be able to build a brand and signage etc around them.

    That's my tuppence anyway! Good luck :o)

  9. What a talented designer you have found! When I viewed these on my phone earlier option a) looked a very dark brown colour which i thought looked the best....kind of retro and vintage....but it's actually black and I don't like it as much. Agree with Claire about option c)- love the colour but the font will disappear if viewed from any distance. the name and design xxx

  10. Hi David. Love the name I am a great lover of heritage clours too. I favour option c.

  11. I like b, option c reminds me too much of the colours of a dentist's or gp's.

  12. I like option a, simple, clean, traditional and honest, see for b+w bakery branding - really effective.

    Are you looking for Vintage Crockery and China for the opening? tiered cake stands, pretty tea cups and delightful tea pots? get in touch if you are love to talk tea!

    Anwen X

  13. I voted Option C, The other 2 are more readable combinations from a distance, but looking at previous pictures of the site I think you'll have foot traffic close to any sign-age so I chose the more subtle, relaxing combo :)

  14. My vote is c feels welcoming and modern vintage twist

  15. Hi I love the name and vote for option B as it's easy to read, and looks old fashioned to fit in with the building. Reminds me of an old fashioned sweet or ice cream shop, all good thoughts to get from a sign!
    Good luck

  16. I vote option c. Green goes with d nature of bute park.

  17. Option b is my favourite, I like the colours and font. How exciting! All coming together now!

  18. Helen (CotswoldPantry)24 February 2012 at 22:15

    I love C but it somehow doesn't stand out so much, so my vote goes to A. Lovely idea for the name, though you might get called Mr Pettigrew! It's so exciting :)

  19. We love B, very clear and quite classy - but it seems we may be losing out to a different public vote........but what do they know anyway!!!

  20. Hi Dave,

    I love the inspiration behind the name. I'm torn between (b) and (c)...probably swaying more towards (b). I reckon (c) would look more at home as the logo of a sweet shop or bakery.

    So excited for you that everything is coming together!


  21. Hi Dave... so excited for you... can't wait to come to Cardiff.. i will be making the trip especially!

    Good luck for the opening :)

    kitey on CCC website

  22. Oh where did my comment go to? Is it because I said I prefer option A & bucked the trend? Think it's more suited to you re-creating the history of the family & the era. OPTION A.

  23. I'd go with B :)

  24. Hi, I think option B. Love the colour of C and agree with comments about the link with the park, but also about legibility. I also think there's a lot of mileage in this logo for identifying 'sub-brands' or merchandise with a change in colour. Love what you are doing with this project, and the sensitive consideration you are giving to the site and its history. It's all very inspiring! Janet Twitter - @secretcakes


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