Thursday, 14 April 2011

Procurement Fun 1. The Welsh Dresser

This little beauty came courtesy of Anthemion Auctions of Cardiff who provide a rather fantastic general auction on every 1st Wednesday of the month.

This is a traditional Welsh Dresser. There are two things I was determined to have in my tea room which I was prepared to splash out on.  A beautiful Oak Welsh Dresser was one and now I own it.

But can you guess how much I paid?
a.) £240 b.) £440 c.) £640

I can't tell you much about this one, other than it has been hand crafted clearly with a lot of love.

To a Mouse ... about that weekly update ...

April 2011

For the more observant of you, my last post was 263 days ago.

No Excuses

I certainly remember feeling, as I was composing my introduction to this story, that it was something best communicated live as a weekly Blog and despite the effort involved that this was indeed an interesting enough life gamble which merited documentation in my own bungling, bumbling, this, that and the other way.

I did not however write my story weekly. Looking back I can not think of an excuse although I do have an explanation for why I missed the first week. Upon finishing the introduction and hitting PUBLISH POST, I realised that in telling you what I was going to do I also risked telling my employer my plans before time.

After flamboyantly venting my intentions in a blog I had a vision of my story going a bit too public a bit too quickly (See It was then very easy to not write, with the thought in the back of my thinking space **blog? yes very important, must prioritise this, no wait, time not right, besides time better spent writing business plan/eating/sleeping/distracted ooh a pretty flower**. Missing week 2 meant missing week 3 and I could go on, but promised not to, you get the picture?

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