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My name is David and I am writing this blog to keep a diary of what it feels like to leave your career and start up your own business.
Home Grown Produce is Best

I decided to write this Blog for two reasons. Firstly my memory is not great and this has to be the most exciting thing I have done in my life to date, I want to relish the feeling and tell as many people about it as I can. The second reason is to pass on knowledge of my experiences and inspire others, so if you are planning to launch your own business or have a dream I hope my words advise.

Follow me as I start from scratch, building a brand, picking a business name, finding a premises, budgeting, purchasing, everything!

If you have more specific thoughts or questions then please email me and I will do my very best to reply to you.

e: david@pettigrew-tearooms.co.uk
t: @want2bakefree
f: Facebook - I Want to Bake Free
w: pettigrew-tearooms.co.uk

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