Sunday, 25 July 2010

Somewhere in the Middle - Part One

The Dramatic Arc

Like all stories you have an introduction, conflict and resolution. This is a simple story being written in real time. Today is the introduction, to come is the conflict and fingers crossed for the rest...

For my sanity and yours, here are some intro facts; last time I wrote any kind of story was over 12 years ago, I have done no research into writing methods. This will be spell checked, read once then published so if you spot any SPAG errors turn your rage inwards and keep it. For my part I will keep to short sharp points (where possible) to keep it brief and punchy, with at least weekly updates. This is an open forum so comment away I won't edit you if you don't edit me!

Well back to basics, introduction.

Working Life
My name is David, at this moment I work in Sales for a four star International Hotel chain. This decade I cultivated approximately £30K of debt split evenly between the Student Loans company and various high street bankers in the pursuit of a degree. In completing my wonderfully expensive degree I worked in a Cardiff hotel moving steadily then quickly through the business to where I am now working for head office. Tough work during a recession, but rewarding in a lot of ways. The debt is gone, my name is known in the industry and by boss is generally pleased. However and here it comes, I have an amazing life outside when you take the work part out, this isn't a forum for that, but it kicks off my new story. The work life scales tip both ways, currently they are out of kilter, but I know the old saying work hard play hard. So keep your head down, bring in the cash, and push on with the career.

Happy and Healthy
Two very important things in life that many people find out late, are to recognise when you are healthy and enjoy when you are happy. Life is precious blah blah blah cliché cliché cliché. Lately I can't say I have been happy leading to being unhealthy and the route cause? the uneasy feeling that if I had the balls I could do something really cool.

Dreams and Talents
Really cool dreams, the ones that make your heart feel light, chest tight and pulse race are great for weekends and holidays. My dreams are simple, making, baking, creating. I am surrounded by talent, beautiful inspiring talent that over the past two years has made our home and made my life. It takes a holiday usually to step out of the one track work mind and explore your dreams. My dream is for a Tea Room, that sells good tea and home made perfect cakes. My dream is to make drift wood art works and learn other artistic skills. My dream is to grow a garden of ingredients for use in my business. My dream is to support my family and spend time together doing the things we love.

The Tipping Point
If I don't try now I will have my life's regret. What stops you from employing your talent and taking risk in the pursuit of that racing pulse? At some point I think we all overcome our own doubt Sunday 4th July 2010 was my tipping point.

1.) Professional Suspension 2.) Grounding a Dream 3.) Biting the Bullet
Being nearly thirty and the fact that this isn't some trite American film charting an aspirational journey, I of course have safety measures.

1.) A professional exit from hotel sales so the door stays unlocked. As much as I would love to walk out tomorrow I shall be doing this right. 12 weeks notice is a very good start ensuring I give all I can to the end before waving a little hand to say so long deary deary... So November 1st 2010 also buys a little needed planning time.
2.) Research, Location, Business Plan. Research comes first in conjunction with the GRAND PLAN to find the perfect location.
3.) So my notice goes in on Monday 2nd August 2010, and the ball rolls. I can almost taste the conflict now but the resolution in my mind makes it worth it. This is your invite to follow me on this journey, tell your friends and kin folk and lets see what happens during this dramatic arc.

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