Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ethics - The Results!

October 2011

Not all of this starting your own business lark is a barrel of laughs. But the majority is!

I make the choices, I have written about how hard it can be to make an informed choice and the fear of committing to a course of action. At some point though, decisions have to be made to get the business going.

My last post touched on the importance of ingredients, quality and delivery as I was mulling over the ethical considerations. I am delighted to share with you the results of my 7 question survey [if you haven't taken it yet click HERE].

The Survey

How important are the following when visiting a tearoom/coffee shop?

1.) Price
Price is important but for many people it is the overall visitor experience that counts and price is just one consideration in that.

2.) Flavour
Flavour is king! I am glad that you all agree.

3.) Quality
Quality is Queen! You are an unforgiving bunch and I agree with you.

4.) Fairly Traded
Ok I was surprised on this one, Fair Trade is clearly a contentious issue. For 1 in 4 people it isn't important at all and the majority only find it quite important. Clearly some more research for me when meeting my suppliers.

5.) Locally Sourced
I have a passion for supporting local producers who have real talent and passion for their goods. I was expecting to see more people classing this as a really important consideration.

6.) Organic
I have read that Organic food has taken a real dive in terms of public opinion, clearly you agree.

7.) Special Dietary Provision
No big surprise here. If you have a special dietary requirement it is important to you, if not it isn't. 1 in 4 people care and that is more than enough for me. You can expect cakes, bakes and light lunches that cater for a range of dietary requirements and a team trained to understand and help.

Thank you again to everyone who has taken part in this survey. The results have been fascinating, although the questions are simple and may seem obvious I feel reassured not to take anything for granted.

Now on to find some suppliers who care and I can trust.

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