Thursday, 14 April 2011

To a Mouse ... about that weekly update ...

April 2011

For the more observant of you, my last post was 263 days ago.

No Excuses

I certainly remember feeling, as I was composing my introduction to this story, that it was something best communicated live as a weekly Blog and despite the effort involved that this was indeed an interesting enough life gamble which merited documentation in my own bungling, bumbling, this, that and the other way.

I did not however write my story weekly. Looking back I can not think of an excuse although I do have an explanation for why I missed the first week. Upon finishing the introduction and hitting PUBLISH POST, I realised that in telling you what I was going to do I also risked telling my employer my plans before time.

After flamboyantly venting my intentions in a blog I had a vision of my story going a bit too public a bit too quickly (See It was then very easy to not write, with the thought in the back of my thinking space **blog? yes very important, must prioritise this, no wait, time not right, besides time better spent writing business plan/eating/sleeping/distracted ooh a pretty flower**. Missing week 2 meant missing week 3 and I could go on, but promised not to, you get the picture?

As luck would have it only 10 people* knew of my e-story and so to any of you reading this for the first time, you would not have known or probably cared. I linger on this now, because I care. How can I expect you to trust me when I write in this story "I did this" or "I am doing that" when I said I would write and then never did? Well the answer is I cannot. What I can say however is that I will write about what happens from now and I will recap what has happened in truth **thankfully not all in this post**.

Why? because it did happen... ... ... all of it. Leaving my job, finding a venue, writing a business plan, organising funding, getting a job, solicitors, accountants, Welsh Assembly Government, auctioning, branding, purchasing, commanding, naming, shaming, finding, keeping, losing and weeping.

This story is not over and the most exciting part of the Tea Room dream is coming in 2011. It is happening now, it is going to happen and I want to share it! I shall not set myself up for a fall, but the more you show interest the more I shall write. This time I will keep you, me and this wall posted!

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley - Robert Burns' poem To a Mouse, 1786

* Fortunately all 10 pre-readers did not sit by their respective blog reading devices for the past 6,312 hours waiting for my promised 'weekly update'. I expect that the crushing disappointment passed in a heartbeat as indeed the past 8 months and 20 days have done for me.

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